Amazon Product Listing and Optimization Packages

Listing And Optimization Silver Gold
One Time Cost £40 £60
Product Listings 1 1
Basic Description Yes Yes 
Adding Search Terms  No Yes
Multi-Variant No  Yes
Focus Keywords  No Yes
Words Included (Per product) 300 400
Bullet Point 5 5
Optimized Product Title No Yes 
Optimized Product Description Yes Yes 
Email, Chat or Conference Yes Yes
Product Presentation & Brand Analysis No Yes
Delivery Time 3 2

Amazon PPC Packages

Amazon PPC Easy-Plus Premium-Plus
Monthly £200 £300
Product Campaign 5 10
Ad Management Yes Yes 
Keywords Research and Analysis Yes  Yes
Weekly Keywords updates Yes Yes
Weekly Bid adjustments Yes Yes
Continued optimization Yes Yes
PPC analysis and Setup Yes Yes
Competitor Analysis Yes Yes
Drive Clicks & Sales Yes Yes
ACOS Monitoring Yes Yes
Landing Pages Optimization Yes Yes 
Monthly Spending upto $1000 $1500
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes 
Email and Chat Support Yes Yes 

Amazon Store Management Packages

Amazon Web-Store Biz-Light Biz-Hard
Weekly £130 £200
Amazon Webstore Product listing  Yes Yes 
Amazon Single Variant  Yes Yes 
Amazon Multi Variant (Parent / Child) No  Yes
Amazon Optimized Product Title  Yes Yes 
Amazon Optimized Product Description  Yes Yes 
Suggested Backend Search Term Submission  Yes Yes 
Amazon Landing Pages optimization Yes  Yes 
Drive Clicks & Ranking  Yes Yes 
Optimized “About the Product” (Bullet Points) No Yes 
Policy Pages No Yes 
Seller Central BuyBox Management  Yes Yes 
Adding Html and picture gallery  Yes Yes 
keywords optimization and bring top rankings on Amazon Search engine  Yes Yes 
Competitor and Prices Analysis  Yes Yes 
Working on Opportunity to grow and brand products  No Yes 
Sells Strategy Planning and Marketing No Yes 
Amazon Paid Campaign  No Yes 
Min Contract Period 2 Months 2 Month
Working Hours 10 18